Translate your Website

Translate your Website

Follow this step by step guide to translate your website within minutes.

Step 1: Configure your Website

If you have not already created a Project in your Globallybiz account, create one. Enter your website page URL, the current language of your site and the languages you would like to have your website translated into. Finally, customize the appearance and the position on the Language Switcher. After the project is set up, simply copy the code (Click on the Copy Code button).

If you already have a project, simply go to the Project Settings page. Scroll all the way to the bottom to the Javascript Snippet section. Copy the Code (Click on the Copy Code button)

Step 2: Install the code snippet

If you’re using a CMS, there should be an option for adding Javascript on the page. If you have access to the code via an editor as well, that should work. We need to add the tracking code in the section on your site.

<!DOCTYPE html>

Step 3: Save

Save the settings and go to your website. You should see the Language Switcher button (by default bottom right or the position you selected).

Try changing the language and you should see your website translated!!! If you don’t see the button or the website is not translating, please contact us at, we will solve this as soon as possible.

Using another Platform?

Globallybiz works with all Web technologies. Simply follow our general integration guide to get started.