Impeccable Translation

Impeccable Translation of a Book on Post-Modern Economics

Surpassed Mr. Takayuki's expectations by accurately translating his book, Theory of Values and Fairness, from Japanese to English and offering exceptional after sales service for 2 years.

One book, various disciplines

The book with 23 chapters required specialization expertise from different fields of macroeconomics, biology and mathematics. Our biggest challenge was to provide expertise pertaining to each subject while maintaining consistency by not using multiple translators, even though there were multiple subjects. Maintaining formatting consistency of the translated file with the source file was a pivotal requirement of Mr. Takayuki. This was a complex task as the source file was a PDF which contained innumerable equations, figures, and tables that needed to be replicated in the translated file as it is.

Appointed a Lead Translator and Reviewer apart from specialized translators

We conscientiously had to choose translators who had specialization in multiple subjects included in the book. All the translators chosen for this project were experts in their respective fields. Despite of that, we chose to go a step ahead and appoint a lead translator and reviewer to link and collate the portions done by different translators. This was critical to ensure overall consistency in the file.

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