Dark Horse Comics

The worldu2019s third largest comic book publisher receives Japanese to English localization of a complex graphical encyclopedia in record time.

Legend of Zelda is one of the most successful video game series ever. Dark Horse approached Ulatus for localizing its Japanese encyclopedia after other LSPs simply couldnu2019t meet the requisite output standards.

Background and Challenges

The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia is a book that explores the lore behind the Legend of Zelda (LoZ) game series. It contains information about the fantasy world across its 30-year history, covering characters, stories, monsters, items, dungeons, and more, as well as information about each specific game. The book, originally written in Japanese, needed to be translated to English to make it available for the sizable global audience interested in the Legend of Zelda games.

The Lyngva Solution

Selection of the right linguistic team was key with this project. A total of five stakeholders were involved in its operations u2013 a translator, a checker, an editor, a final reviewer, and a visual design expert. The team included a perfect combination of Japanese and native English language experts, in addition to an experienced LoZ gamer. A tight deadline meant that our team had far less time than usual to localize the given volume of content than it normally would.


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