Shopify Store

Translate your Shopify Website

Translating your Shopify store doesn’t need to be complex. With Globallybiz, you can translate your Shopify store in 100+ languages within minutes. Follow our step by step guide and translate your Shopify store in under 5 minutes.

Step 1: Configure your Website

If you have not already created a Project in your Globallybiz account, create one.

If you already have a project, get the Globallybiz code

Step 2: Install the code snippet

From the left menu/navigation click on “Online Store” then “Themes”

Click on the “Actions” which is located on the top right and then “Edit Code” Click on the “theme.liquid” file which is under “Layout”

Finally, paste the Globallybiz code right before the . Save the content and Voila.

Step 3: Setting the checkout language (Optional)

If you are using a language other than Danish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch or Portuguese, you need to upload a new locale for the checkout. Simply email us at

Using another Platform?

Globallybiz works with all Web technologies. Simply follow our general integration guide to get started.