React App

Translate your React App

Translating your React app doesn’t need to be complex. With Globallybiz , you can translate your React app in 100+ languages within minutes. Follow our step by step guide and translate your React app in under 5 minutes.

Step 1: Configure your App

If you have not already created a Project in your Globallybiz account, create one.

If you already have a project, get the Globallybiz code

Step 2: Install the Globallybiz package

Install the Globallybiz package from NPM using the command below

npm install teral-translate-react a

Step 3: Usage

Import the Globallybiz component and use it as below

import Teral from 'teral-translate-react'


If you have any questions simply email us at

Using another Platform?

Globallybiz works with all Web technologies. Simply follow our general integration guide to get started.